Chelsie is a member of the Bigstone Cree Nation in Northern, Alberta.  She is the lead singer of Small Town Famous.

Chelsie Young was born into a musical family. Her mother, grandfather, and uncle would be her greatest influences and supporters. She decided at 8 years old, after watching her mother sing that she wanted to sing as well. At age 11, her Grandfather would buy her a guitar and it would be her Uncle Raymond who would teach her how to play. But it would be her Godfather's passing that would push her towards a career in music. After this event, she won her first music contest (after overcoming stage fright).


She wrote her first song at age 13 called "Broken", which was inspired by growing up in a "broken family". Music has helped Chelsie work through her struggles and inspires others with theirs.


At age 20, Chelsie moved to Edmonton, Alberta to pursue a career in music and two years later, her son was born. She finds inspiration and strength from her son and wants her music to uplift others through their struggles.


She also aspires to help Aboriginal women around the world through her music by inspiring them and letting them know they aren't alone. Her songs and life, touch on the realities many Aboriginal women face, such as; domestic violence, addictions, depression, suicide, single parenthood, family dsyfunction, and relationships

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