Small Town Famous is an exciting new band making waves in the music industry. Strong will and determination pushed Small Town Famous forward, but raw talent has kept these musicians strong and alive. Small Town Famous prides themselves on a beautiful, versatile sound and broad fanbase. For bookings, schedules, and more information get in touch today.

Small Town Famous
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Riding in the back of dad’s pick up truck. The mom and pop stores. Main street with one set of lights. The coffee shop. Summers spent down at the lake. Small towns have nurtured our collective soul and continue to drive us as we venture into an ever-changing world. Oftentimes one we hardly recognize.


But its the handshakes. Saying thank-you. Holding open doors. Its our small town upbringing that gives us that edge.


When we pack up our tools or close off our till at the end of a long day all we want is to let loose and hang with our friends and family and dance the night away. When the band plays your favorite song, and you see your crush at the other side of the room,; you struggle to work up the nerve to go over and say hello and ask them to dance.

These are the moments that make up every little town. When we first met the love of our life. Where we started our families. The friends we grew up with. The joys and the heartaches we all shared. Where we made a name for ourselves as being honest and hardworking. Putting food on the table. Shoveling your neighbor's sidewalk. Keeping our word. And listening to some damn good music with the windows down.

Small Town Famous was born out of the love for good two-steppin' tunes and party times.  The band plays an eclectic mix of music at their live shows and also writes and performs their own original songs.

We Are Small Town Famous:

Chelsie Young

Mat Patenaude

Phillip Toutant

Chris Leslie

Josh Ruzycki


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